Reality Boy by A.S. King

Good News!

Reality Boy, the newest publication by author A.S. King is now available. And here are the reviews.

"Heart-pounding and heartbreaking...This is no fairy-tale romance, but a compulsively readable portrait of two imperfect teens learning to trust each other."
—Kirkus Reviews (starred)

"As always, King’s societal critique is spot-on and scathing, this time examining the dehumanization wrought by reality television on its “stars” and on its viewers in order to feel better about themselves. Put down the remote and pick up Reality Boy—it’s a showstopper." The Horn Book Magazine

* "This is a story about healing, and although Gerald stumbles as he takes his first steps, his candor invites sympathy from the first page." 
Publishers Weekly (starred)

* "King’s trademarks–attuned first-person narrative, convincing dialogue, realistic language, and fitting quirkiness–connect effectively in this disturbing, yet hopeful novel."SLJ (starred)

"We all know at least one teen who needs a book like this; I didn't know I needed it until I turned the last page."

"The TMZ-level draw of the premise will definitely pull readers in, but they’ll find a surprising amount to relate to in this smart and sympathetic story about breaking free from the world’s expectations." —The Bulletin

"Reality Boy showcases King's talent, telling a story that is as much about parental depression and denial as it is about teen rage. It's also about first love, celebrity, therapy and finding your own narrative despite the story your family--and sometimes the world--tells about you."—Shelf Awareness (starred)

"The hallmarks of [A.S. King's] strong work are there: magical realism, heightened emotion, and the steady, torturous, beautiful transition into self-assured inner peace."—Booklist

* "King’s writing is...better than ever—not one unneeded word slows the reader in racing through this intense and incredibly fresh plot. Kudos, Ms. King. More please."—VOYA (starred)

For more information visit King's website and best of all, read her books.