Type-In & Letter Writing Social, Round Two

Last December, Chestertown saw it's first Type-In; 9 months later it will see its second. 

Now, if you are not sure what a Type-In is I shall refer you to this New York Times article.

or this mission statement from our hosts of this event:

This type-in and letter-writing social is a creative collaboration between Thread Lock Press, typewriter-enthusiast and letterpress printer, and Scribbling Glue, letter-writing champion and envelope-pusher. They are out to reintroduce people to old techniques for creating new and improbable connections.

Both of Chestertown's Type-Ins are thanks to the efforts of Lindsay Lusby, the mind and hands behind Thread Lock Press and the blog-keeper at Goose Hill, and Annie Woodall, the creator behind Scribbling Glue

Scribbling Glue is all about wanting to connect with other people. You don’t need to be artsy, gifted with words, or sentimental. Anyone can do it! Just make a note, pen a letter, or scratch a few lines. Then stick it in a lunchbox, wedge it in a door, slip it under a windshield wiper, or drop it in the mail and make someone’s day.

Thread Lock Press is printing and sewing and sewing and typing. Letterpress printing and typewriters. Hand-sewn experiments and bookbinding. It is the machinery of words and the thread that binds them.

The Type-In begins at 10 am at the Emmanuel Church in Chestertown and will run until noon. (Directions)

"Typewriters are good at only one thing: putting words on paper."
~ New York Times